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About Us

About us

Dealatco is a leading platform that was established in 2020 to serve a wide range of companies around Jordan with office needs.

Our story

Back in 2018, we asked ourselves a simple question that later on became our mission “Why is it difficult to purchase office needs?”.

In the era of instances, it is irrational that one still have to waste an entire day making calls, inquiries to get offers from local vendors whenever he/she needs to purchase office requirements. Therefore, we set out to make it easier. Today, many of our customers use dealatco to get their office needs whenever and wherever they were around Jordan.

Our motivation

What gets us out of bed every morning is that we are aiming to serve our customers with the minimal effort required by them. We serve a big variety of customers such as busy SMEs, doctors, lawyers, schools, educators, learning centers… etc. People with busy schedules and even bigger to-purchase lists who are seeking for help will find their destination at dealatco.